Our Tutors

Our tutors are professionals who use various teaching method in order to impact knowledge unto pupils. They adapt their teaching style to best suit each students learning needs. They are very versatile in their chosen area of specialty. They lend home work and support, offer guidance, and provide positive reinforcement and encouragements to students.
Do you have experience and passion at impacting knowledge in areas like Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Economics and any other subjects and you want to build a network of tutoring business in Lagos and its environs (Ibadan, Abeokuta etc). Ineedtutors provides you an opportunity for experience, professional and passionate tutor/teacher to harness their skill and make extra cash by building their network of home tutoring business in Lagos and its environs (Ibadan, Abeokuta etc.) We will make your profile and skill visible to parents who search our website looking for tutors/teachers like you. Research have shown that there are many parents who are ready and willing to pay premium price (even more than your school salaries) for you to teach their kids at home or themselves on a professional level. You don’t have to go search for parents to teach their kids, ineedtutors provides you the opportunity of getting your skill and profile visible to parents by match making you with parents who needs your services and professionalism for their kids in order to help give themselves or their kids an edge among their mate.
Who are the tutors we work with?
We work with Graduates, Undergraduate and Experienced tutor/teacher who are practically an education student or have several years of teaching experience. This is to ensure that our tutor deliver excellently well. See selection of tutor criteria below:
  •  Must be Between the age of 18 and 40 years
  • Resides in Lagos, Ibadan, Abeokuta (Other state are coming very soon)
  • Graduates, Undergraduate and Experience Tutor/Teacher
  • Very fluent in English and have a good computer literacy
  • Very good in Mathematics or English or in any area of specialties
  • Very Honest, God fearing and Hard Working
Benefits of Becoming a Tutor!
  1. Constant demand from parents
  2. Building networks of home tutors within your locality
  3. Earn as much as your capacity
  4. Develop your professionalism
  5. Constant monthly payment to your account
  6. Access to professional material for your personal development
How do I become a tutor?