Build your school with us

IneedTUTORS is a leading educational support service agency who specializes in recruitment of professional teachers for schools. Our focus is to provide a workforce of teachers who have what it takes to deliver the mission and vision of your institution. Our goal is to provide teachers who are skilled at using different cross functional approach to make children see learning as fun and not a task at home and in schools. There is no great mind of any profession that has never passed through a teacher. Bill Gate said that: “There would never have been Microsoft without the teacher that taught me software analysis” This reinforces the fact that at the root of every great endeavor was a teacher. Education is the parameter that brings about development to a nation and the instrument for social change. It is sad to know that the dignity of this teaching profession in our society of today is lost and professionalism is gradually eroding. This is the gap we have come to bridge for your schools.
Benefits of getting teachers from us:
  • Our teachers are well equipped with different cross functional teaching and learning techniques.
  • They are professionals whose characters and attitude reflect in their behavior
  • Our teachers are passionate individuals who see teaching as a calling/career
  • Our teachers will give you immediate return on investment
  • Discount on every training organize for teachers on our platform
  • Access to professional materials for personal developments of your teacher

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