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Are you looking for a personal home tutor for your kids. Study have shown that students/kids perform excellently well when they are been coached on a one on one basis than been in the midst of his/her colleagues in the class. Ineedtutors is set up to cover this inefficiency in the class by providing a tutor base on the needs of your kids/ward at home. This we (ineedtutors) believe it's going to facilitate an excellent learning platform for your kids and give them an edge among their mate.
Education and learning are one of the most important ingredients to helping a child become all that he can be. Our focus is to offer a holistic educational support services for your children at home and in schools, in order to help give your child an edge and make them stand out among their mate. To experience this! Your kid(s) need a home tutor.Give your self or your child an edge in the class by getting him/her a personal one on one tutor. How do I get an home tutor for my kids/ward
Who are the tutors we work with?
We work with Graduates, Undergraduate and Experienced tutor/teacher who are practically an education student or have several years of teaching experience. This is to ensure that our tutor deliver excellently well. See selection of tutor criteria below:
  •  Must be Between the age of 18 and 40 years
  • Resides in Lagos, Ibadan, Abeokuta (Other state are coming very soon)
  • Graduates, Undergraduate and Experience Tutor/Teacher
  • Very fluent in English and have a good computer literacy
  • Very good in Mathematics or English or in any area of specialties
  • Very Honest, God fearing and Hard Working
Our tutors are basically professionals who use various teaching method in order to impact knowledge into pupils. They adapt their teaching style to best suit each students learning needs. They are very versatile in their chosen area of specialty. They lend home work and support, offer guidance, and provide positive reinforcement and encouragements to students.
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