I used ineedtutors to help my girl to gather confidence especially in the area of calculations(Mathematics), and i was impressed at the level of improvement i saw in her after 2 month of engagements of the tutor. she uses different techniques to explain each topics to her and she is very patients to see her practice each techniques to her understanding before she move to another topic. I can boldly recommend tutors from ineedtutors to any parents who need's help in any areas for their children.

Barrister Funmi , Lawyer

When i was searching for an home tutor for my children, i got to know about ineedtutors through my friend who said they are very good. I got there contact and gave them a call. After passing through all the necessary process they sent me an home tutor within 48 hours. He helped my children to prepare for WAEC and Common Entrance Exams. He teaches them Mathematics and English and i must confess that i got value for every penny spent through out the period.

Mr Samuel, HR Consultant

Am glad i got a tutor from ineedtutors. The tutor has been of great help to my child, she uses different methods to communicate knowledge to my child. My baby girl was always taking 16th or 19th position at the end of every term. When i started dealing with ineedtutors, the following term she took 2nd position in the class. It got the teacher and her friends so surprised and i was very happy that am getting value for the personal home tutor i got for her from ineedtutors.

Mrs Job, Civil Servant